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Are you fighting for your dream? My fight to Amazon’s Number 1 Hot New Release

Your dream is worth fighting for. That’s it. Full Stop.

On May 29 2021 I made it onto the Amazon Bestseller List as the Number 1 Hot New Release in my category of 2-hour self-help short reads. That was the dream for my Amazon Strategy when I set to release my eBook 10,000 Steps Towards Me. Given, Amazon’s hit lists change all the time but I held that position for three days. It was worth it and to this day it’s unbelievable.

So now that I have your attention... let’s focus on you. Are you on the journey towards actualizing your dream? Are you putting in the work though are faced with endless distractions? Will it be worth it? Are you even dreaming at all? These are some questions I’ve asked myself and some of the things I have had to resolve over time. I will reflect on a few points I’ve come across on my journey, fighting for my writing and entrepreneurship dreams to come alive. I’m really talking to myself here… and a few people who may appreciate and engage with this message.

As I set out my eBook Amazon strategy, I had to learn all sorts of new skills to get over the line. Reflecting on that process, what got me through, other than the planning, was the fact that I cemented the goal I wanted to accomplish in my mind. I focused on WHAT I wanted. Whether or not it happened; the journey was more than worth it.

For me, writing a book and trying to establish my writing business on top of a consulting career has not been easy. It has required some serious tactics, proactivity, perseverance and some good energy maintenance! You can check out the recording of my book launch that dabbles further into that process.

What has sometimes been the difficulty, in executing this entrepreneurship dream, has been the constant back and forth battle between which path to focus on and which one would eventually create the best long-term results for me – business or career. Some may say why not focus on both? Well, the answer is: it depends on what your goal is but even deeper than that, it depends on what your DREAM is. I’m not talking about any dream, I’m talking about that dream that drives you to make some hard choices to change the direction your life should take.

So, are you even dreaming at all?

Perhaps, deep down you have always had some dreams that tug at you that you should pursue. These are dreams that drive. It’s important to know WHAT you want first. Don’t worry about the HOW, your RAS (reticular activating system) will assist in figuring that out for you once you’ve figured out the WHAT. Some brilliant books that will help you focus on WHAT you want if you are uncertain about the path that you’re on are Keith Abraham’s books: FOCUS and BE!

Look at a 10-year timeline for yourself to determine what is important to you. We may have an intention of ending up somewhere but if the path is wrong, we will end up where the path leads us. Know where you are at and which path you want to follow.

Will it be worth it?

Well, what’s the alternative? This question always sets me straight when my self-doubt kicks in. When you overthink the process, it makes it harder to continue. There is no doubt that it will be worth it because if you say no to your dream, then you will be saying yes to something else less appealing.

Are you putting in the work though are faced with endless distractions?

At this point, you have probably figured out the HOW, though life may be tossing its array of distractions. Have a system that allows you to constantly visualize and affirm those dreams that you have set out like a vision board, goal cards, accountability trackers and a calendar time-slot system. When the dream is bigger than your fears you will persevere. Fall in love with the process; things go up and down and in cycles, that’s pretty normal. Just try not to emotionalize the process. Focus on the dream, focus on your WHAT.

Are you on the journey towards actualizing your dream?

Remember, WHAT we do in life should be in synchronicity with who we are, and we should aim for that as much as possible. When we know who we are, we have a better idea of what we want from life. As we start to execute our dreams, we should ensure we remain true to ourselves, our values and purpose, and in line with WHY we started. This ensures that our journey and dreams remain authentic.

So regardless of whether it’s a short–term goal, like my Amazon bestseller strategy or a long-time life-changing dream to be financially independent for example, hold onto that dream in your mind. Find ways to continuously remind yourself of that dream and vision and then follow through with the action required. It will start to fall in place over time…and remember to have room for miracles along the way!


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