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Meet Anna

The Creative Force Behind Impact Storyteller

Ever felt the urge to share your story but didn't know where to start? Anna, the visionary behind Impact Storyteller, has the roadmap you've been searching for. Are you a busy  individual professional wanting to tell your life story but struggling to find the time? Let Anna ghostwrite your tale from page one to self-publishing.

Anna ignited the flame of Impact Storyteller in June 2021, inspired by the success of her own book, "10,000 Steps Towards Me."

What Drives Impact Storyteller?

What fuels every individual in this vast world? For Anna, it's the power of storytelling. She believes in making an impact by sharing stories and profound insights to empower others to be the best versions of themselves and share that brilliance with the world.

Unlock Your Story:

Ready to embark on your own storytelling journey? Book Anna's writing services to turn your experiences into a captivating memoir or personal development book.


Book Anna as a Speaker:

Explore the transformative power of Anna's Personal Development Workshops and Keynotes. These experiences will lead you to consciously reflect on key principles and ask those vulnerable questions that uncover the influences shaping your ability to live authentically. Invite her to bring her wisdom to your audience with a presentation that will leave a lasting impression.

Reach out to Anna directly. Whether it's about her book, writing services, workshops, or keynotes, she's here to chat and help you embark on your storytelling journey.

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“Impressive!! The Personal Development session was an amazing starting point for the Wits students on the Etsoseng Leadership Program. All the goals of the program blended in well in one session. Reading your book is a bonus to actually come up with practical points for one self.”

Etsoseng Foundation, formerly Komati Foundation Women Development, Johannesburg

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